Biodegradable bags, made of bioplastic

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We produce biodegradable and compostable bags (OK compost) in bioplastic, 100% ecological material, suitable for food contact. Depending on your needs, we can supply different types of customized OK compost bags: with glue patch, shopping bag (shopper), with flexible handle, with engraved handle, resealable, in rolls.
Our bags guarantee following advantages:

Better customer experience
  • The eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable material they’re made of, will give your customer attention for environmental protection.
  • If customized, the biodegradable bag, will become an important tool for marketing and corporate communication.
Lower purchase cost
  • You will optimize purchasing costs thanks to the lower weight of the materials used.
Better security
  • Materials and production systems are suitable for food contact.

Biodegradable plastic

Compostable plastic


Glue patch

Shopping bag

With soft handle

With engraved handle


On roll


Up to 8 colors


OK compost industrial issued by Tüv Austria Link

Ok Home compost AT issued by Tüv Austria Link

40% bio-based content issued by Beta Analytic USA Link

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