Isothermal bags

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We manufacture isothermal bags suitable for food contact. All of our bags can be personalized with printing, and are available with rigid handle or clip closure.
Our bags guarantee following advantages:

Better customer experience
  • Printing your logo and customized graphics will engage your customer and will be a significant marketing and corporate communication way.
  • The customer will transport the food keeping its freshness for several hours thanks to high quality materials which guarantee a high thermal barrier.
Lower purchase cost
  • You will save on purchasing costs since the bags are made with best materials, that allow to reduce weight, and therefore the cost, ensuring high resistance.
Better security
  • Suitable for food contact.

PE, Foam, PP

PE, Foam, PE



With rigid handle

With top flap

With clip closure


Up to 6 colors


Certificate of suitability for contact with food

Thermal transmissibility

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