Découvrez les dernières nouveautés du monde Kenmare.

Salon de la Marque proprié, Marca

Nous avons participé au salon Marca, Marque proprié, au cours duquel nous avons présenté les produits fabriqués sous la marque à divers de nos clients.

Certification IFS pour Kenmare Italie

Nous avons obtenu, avec les meilleures notes, la certification IFS pour la société Kenmare basée en Italie.

Certification IFS pour Kenmare Suisse

Nous avons obtenu, avec les meilleures notes, la certification IFS pour la société Kenmare basée en Suisse.

Dépôt de marque propre: Valea

Nous avons déposé la marque propre Valea avec laquelle nous identifierons nos produits emballés, vendus à nos clients et directement en ligne au public.

Vidéo de présentation de l’entreprise

Nous avons réalisé une courte vidéo récapitulative sur notre entreprise qui décrit comment chaque jour chaque personne qui travaille à Kenmare travaille ensemble pour mieux servir nos clients.

Sacs et sacs e-commerce climatiquement neutres

Nous sommes fiers de vous informer que nous avons obtenu la certification Climate Partner.

Opening of our webshop

We started the online sales of some of our products for private persons but also for companies, hotels, restaurants etc. From now on they can buy our products, easily, safely and comfortably.

Donation of packaging material for civil protection in Milan

Kenmare has provided the municipality of Milan with 10,000 resealable bags free of charge during the emergency due to the coronavirus.

All employees working from home and mask distribution

All Kenmare employees work from home to ensure their safety in this tense situation. We hope that this small gesture has helped our employees.

Foundation of Kenmare GmbH in Austria

We have decided to expand our activity to another economically stable country.

New Website

We have created our new website to improve the communication of our activity.

Reusable bags from recycled PET bottles

In cooperation with our customers, we are working on concepts that transform old packaging into new more environmentally friendly products.

Paper bags for fruits and vegetables

From now on, we also offer paper bags for fruits and vegetables in supermarkets to all our customers.

FSC®-C147064 Certification for paper bags

We are very concerned about protecting the forests of our planet.

The Blue Angel: certification for paper bags

Paper itself is an ecological material, but we have succeeded in obtaining the Blue Angel, a certification for bags made of 100% recycled paper.

The Blue Angel: certification for bags made of 100% recycled plastic

The production of bags made of 100% recycled plastic is not easy, but essential for the environment.

Renewal of our existing certifications

Since 2016, we have been implementing biodegradable plastic in a wide field of applications.