Kenmare is a packaging distribution company, with offices in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, whose mission is to become the trusted partner of both food and non-food retailers, operating in traditional sales channels and through e-commerce.
Our strength is based on the ability to to solve the problems of our customers in the packaging supply chain thanks to our specific know-how developed since the company was founded in 2004.
Our staff has specific skills that allow them to understand the different needs of customers in every sector and geographical area.
The correct mix of products, with high quality standards, made in Europe and Asia, allows us to offer technically advanced and economically advantageous solutions.
We serve our customers by distributing products from warehouses located in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, both in small quantities and in large quantities with direct delivery in every European country.
We have experienced a period of growth that has allowed us to reach an excellent level of financial stability, (best rating level assignable by Dun and Bradstreet Bisnode to companies operating in Switzerland Link) and which allows us to glimpse a further positive development in the near future.