Micro-perforated bags

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We can produce micro-perforated bags for food. Our packaging meets high safety standards and can also be used for food contact.
The micro-perforated bags guarantee the following advantages:

Better customer experience
  • The cord will allow you to close the bag to guarantee hygiene and freshness of the product.
  • The pre-cut with tab will allow the customer to detach the bag easily and in the correct way.
Lower shipping cost
  • You will not have to lose time picking up the product and closing the bag: the customer can do it himself and hygienically, using gloves or disposable HDPE gloves or a clamp.
  • You will no longer need to buy tape or labels.Integrated closure strip.
  • It will be possible to save on packaging costs since the bags are manufactured according to the desired size.
Better delivery security
  • High strength materials will limit accidental breaking of the bag.
  • Materials and production systems are suitable for food contact.

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