PE and PVC film for food packaging

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We supply PE or PVC film for food packaging for both manual application and industrial use on automatic machines.
Our film is produced with the highest quality materials, does not contain dangerous substances and is suitable for food contact.

Better customer experience
  • Thanks to their technical, functional and environmental performance, the films we supply represent a sustainable choice for the packaging of fresh food and help to reduce the environmental impact, extending shelf life and minimizing food loss. This will transmit to your customer the attention to protect the environment.
  • Materials of excellent quality and resistance, guarantee better protection of the product.
Cost reduction
  • You will save on purchase and disposal costs, since the film protects food from contamination, preserving freshness and ensuring a longer shelf life.
Better security
  • Our film guarantees a low bacterial proliferation on food and therefore food safety.
  • Lower risk of contamination and protection of the food from external agents / manipulations.

PE, PVC free




For manual application

For use on automatic machines






Certificate for contact with food

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