Reusable fruit and vegetable bags, veggie bags

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We produce reusable bags for fruits and vegetables in different top-quality materials as nylon, cotton and natural cotton, which will help to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time.
Our bags can be used for contact with fruits and vegetables and can go in the cooler.
They can be washed by hand or in the washing machine and are also very easy to clean and dry.

Better customer experience
  • Fruit and vegetable bags are an ecological option to plastic bags: they can be reused several times and are therefore less polluting than disposable plastic bags.
  • The customer can weigh fruits and vegetables and place everything in the same bag, putting the price tags directly to the bag.
Lower purchase cost
  • Disposable bags will no longer be needed.
Better security
  • Materials and production systems are suitable for contact with food.

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